Where are our products manufactured?

The Quimple products are produced in our state-of-the-art production facility in the Netherlands. Here, we have our own clean room, laboratory and blending facility by which we ensure our products and lotions are of a consistent, optimal quality.

What is our cloth made of?

Our cloth is partly made of TENCEL®. TENCEL® is a fiber based on wood and combines the most wanted and important traits of the many natural and synthetic fibers. Textiles of TENCEL® are more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, as strong as polyester and even eco-friendly too. Read more about TENCEL®.

Do our products contain perfume?

No, all our products are completely perfume free. We strive to be as naturel as possible.

Do our products contain parabens?

No, all Quimple products are completely free of parabens.

Do we test on animals?

No, we never test any of our products or ingredients on animals.

Can our products be heated?

Yes, they can. Read the productspecifications on the back of the product before you heat the products in the microwave. We recommend at any times to follow this advice.