To tickle your senses……naturally

Yes, you’re reading this right! Our mission is to tickle your senses…..naturally. But what in in the hell do we mean by this? Well, exactly what it says. To TICKLE your SENSES. Our goal is to always surprise you and bring a big, sexy smile to your face. Quimple is not for the mainstream class but for the adventurours, the go-getters, who dare to get their senses tickled. Wondering what we have come up with next? Just buy a package and tickle your senses ;)

BUT we also do this in the most NATUREL way possible. We took over this concept from the healthcare market where it is used to wash bedridden patients. Our products are prepared with the highest dedication and effort to ensure you will have that 'post-shower' feeling. We only use ingredients that care for the skin without perfume, parabens, alcohol, and any other additives. The less ingredients, the better. On top of this, our products are made with TENCEL®, a fiber extracted from Eucalyptus wood. TENCEL® is softer than silk, stronger than polyester, and environmental-friendly too!

So: feeling good and naturel, what else do you want?


Levien Verstappen, CEO, The cherry on the pie